Star Wars: Resistance

Here is a look at Hasbro's 3.75" scaled action figure line for the Star Wars: Resistance TV show. The toy line was first revealed at a press only event during New York Comic Con 2018. The first figures were released in January 2019 with six single carded figures and two 2-packs with no vehicles in the assortment.

Every figure in this series is kept in an animated style to capture the likeness of the cartoon characters more accurately.

Star Wars: Resistance Basic Assortment

Listed here are 3.75" Star Wars figures from the Star Wars Resistance basic assortment. The figures cost $7.99 each when they were available at retail.

Commander Pyre, Star Wars Resistance figure
Commander Pyre Star Wars Resistance
Kazuda Xiono, Star Wars Resistance figure
Kazuda Xiono Star Wars Resistance
Major Vonreg, Star Wars Resistance figure
Major Vonreg Star Wars Resistance
Stormtrooper, Star Wars Resistance figure
Stormtrooper Star Wars Resistance
Synara San, Star Wars Resistance figure
Synara San Star Wars Resistance
Torra Doza, Star Wars Resistance figure
Torra Doza Star Wars Resistance

Star Wars: Resistance 2-Packs

Here is a look at 2-packs from the Star Wars Resistance toy line. The sets cost $14.99 each when they were released.

R1-J5 Bucket, 2-Pack #1 With Jarek Yeager figure
R1-J5 Bucket 2-Pack #1 With Jarek Yeager
Jarek Yeager, 2-Pack #1 With R1-J5 figure
Jarek Yeager 2-Pack #1 With R1-J5
Poe Dameron, 2-Pack #2 With BB-8 figure
Poe Dameron 2-Pack #2 With BB-8
BB-8, 2-Pack #2 With Poe Dameron figure
BB-8 2-Pack #2 With Poe Dameron


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