Gonk Droid Action Figures

Here is a list of Gonk Droid Action Figures in our system.

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A New Hope

Gonk Droid, With Jawa figure
Gonk Droid With Jawa
The Power Of The Force
Gonk Droid, Droid Set 3-Pack figure
Gonk Droid Droid Set 3-Pack
Target exclusive
The Vintage Collection
Gonk Droid, A New Hope figure
Gonk Droid A New Hope
The Vintage Collection

The Empire Strikes Back

Gonk Droid, With Treadwell Droid figure
Gonk Droid With Treadwell Droid
The Saga Collection

Expanded Universe

Gonk Droid, Battlefront II Droid 7-Pack figure
Gonk Droid Battlefront II Droid 7-Pack
PX Previews exclusive
The 30th Anniversary Collection

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