Yahoo! Entertainment Talks About The Early Days Of Kenner!

11/26/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars

Joal Ryan has updated an article on Yahoo! Entertainment from 2015 where they go back to 1977 and analyze the only Christmas in Star Wars history which didn't have Star Wars action figures on store shelves or under Christmas trees. Our good friend Gus Lopez, who has been a guest on several of our podcast episodes, is featured in the story along with some photography from his website The Star Wars Collectors Archive. It's a a good read, even if you've heard the story countless times over the years. Have a look here!

Yahoo Star Wars


Vintage Storage Bins At Target

9/25/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars

Target has been selling storage bins with the vintage Star Wars logo and the double race track on them for some time, and they've finally shown up online on their website with free ship-to-store. Those bins are a great storage option for your loose Star Wars action figures, check them out below. You can oder them on the Target website.

Vintage Star Wars Bin

The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker - Calendar 2018!

8/18/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars Kim Simmons

Kim Simmons, a.k.a. the man who shot Luke Skywalker, has announced that the vintage Kenner Star Wars action figure calendar is now available for pre-order. Kim Simmons was one of three people who worked on toy photography for Kenner in the 1980's and his photography is featured on a variety of vintage Kenner Star Wars packaging.  If you are interested in learning more about Kim Simmons, please listen to our interview with him on Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast episode 36.

Below are some images of what the calendar looks like, it will cost $25 plus shipping. More information about how to order can be found on Kim Simmons Facebook page. Tell him that sent you!

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar

Star Wars Action Figure Calendar