ThinkGeek Is Ready For Star Wars Fans!

4/10/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story ThinkGeek Hasbro

Local ThinkGeek stores are ready for all the new Star Wars merchandise this coming Friday and they will open one hour early to accomodate fans! Check with your local stores if they participate and watch the announcement video below!



The First Official SOLO TOY Event Announced!

4/8/2018 Solo: A Star Wars Story Hasbro ThinkGeek

No Toys'R'Us, no Midnight Madness, no Force Friday and apparently no Wookiee Friday ... BUT ThinkGeek stores will open on Friday the 13th, 2018 at 9am to sell SOLO toys! Local stores are currently advertising their events via Facebook. Check with your local store to make sure that they are participating! 

ThinkGeek SOLO Toys

New Forces Of Destiny Figures Found At Retail

1/14/2018 Forces Of Destiny Hasbro ThinkGeek

The Forces Of Destiny adventure dolls of Princess Leia and R2-D2 based on A New Hope have been found at retail. The set retails for $54.99. So far the set has only been found at ThinkGeek stores, but it should be available at other retailers soon as well. 

ThinkGeek Forces of Destiny

ThinkGeek Forces of Destiny

ThinkGeek Forces of Destiny

ThinkGeek Forces of Destiny

New Figures Found At ThinkGeek Stores!

6/16/2017 ThinkGeek Hasbro 40th Anniversary

If you are having trouble finding the second wave of Hasbro's Black Series 6" 40th Anniversary figures or the latest wave of Black Series figures with Lando, Royal Guard, Tusken Raider and Qui-Gon Jinn you might want to give ThinkGeek a try. ThinkGeek doesn't have a lot of stores across the country yet, but if you are lucky to live close to one make sure to stop by!

Think Geek Star Wars