Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 Coverage!

4/9/2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 SWCC2019

It's party time in Chicago! Click on the banner below to go to our Star Wars Celebration Chicago coverage which will begin this coming Thurday! You can also follow JediBusiness on Facebook, join our more intimate and collector focused BOSHUDA! group, or follow us on Instagram

Star Wars Celebration Chicago

PRESS RELEASE: Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Black Series 6" Figures!

4/8/2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 SWCC2019 The Black Series

Hasbro has released the press release for the up-coming Black Series 6" exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Maul action figures, check it out!

SARLACC - 25th Anniversary!

4/7/2019 SARLACC SWCC2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

Are you going to be at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago in a few days? If so, you could snatch one of the collector coins specifically made for the 25th anniversary of SARLACC. Look for members of SARLACC in the collectors lounge at Star Wars Celebration Chicago and see if they are willing to trade with you. 

Founded in 1994, SARLACC was the first local Star Wars collecting club in the United States. This limited collector's coin commemorates twenty five years of collecting, friendships and adventures. SARLACC stands for Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifact Collectors Club, and even though its a club, there are no fees or officers, just a group of people who get together regularly to talk about collecting Star Wars, trade Star Wars collectibles and admire each other's collections. SARLACC COIN

The coin was designed by Curt Hanks and sponsored by Gus Lopez, Pamela Green, Curt Hanks, Earl Bergquist, Amy Sjoberg, Tom Stewart, James Gibbons, Jake Stevens, Criz Bee (, Will and Elaine Grief, Marc Semenchuk, Nathan Wilkes and Stephanie Watanabe. 

See you in Chicago at Star Wars Celebration 2019!


3/28/2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 SWCC2019

Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 is only a few weeks away and just like at past Celebrations we'll have another freebie for you! April 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Star Wars Episode 1 Collection and to celebrate this iconic toy line we'll be giving away checklist posters on the show floor. The posters are 18 x 24" in size and are printed on high-glossy UV protective paper. The day, the time and the location on the show floor will be announced closer to the show, please stay tuned. 

Episode1 Checklist Poster

Info About The Lottery System At SWCC 2019!

3/21/2019 Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 SWCC2019 The Black Series

ReedPop! and Lucasfilm have announced their lottery plans for Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019! Instead of sleeping on the floor overnight or standing in line for hours to buy exclusive Star Wars figures you will now be able to enter a lottery system. Read on to learn more about it.

Star Wars Celebration Lotto