Star Wars Go Rogue | Part 1 & 2

9/9/2016 #GoRogue Rogue One Go Rogue Video Series
Lucasfilm has released the second chapter of their Star Wars Go Rogue toy movie!

Midnight Madness At Toys'R'Us!

9/13/2016 Midnight Madness Toys'R'Us

Toys'R'Us has officially announced that they will be holding a Star Wars: Midnight Madness event at their stores.


9/14/2016 Hasbro Rogue One STUDIOFX App
Create your own STAR WARS movie in a galaxy far, far away with the HASBRO STAR WARS STUDIOFX App!

Medicom Announces 6-inch Rey!

9/14/2016 Mafex Rey Japan

Japanese company Medicom announced that they will be releasing a 6-inch version of Rey in their Mafex product line.

Go Rogue Video Series #3

9/16/2016 #GoRogue Rogue One Go Rogue Video Series
Disney/Lucasfilm has released video #3 in their fun toy movie series! Check it out!

Hasbro's Studio FX App Now Available

9/16/2016 Studio FX App Rogue One Hasbro
Hasbro's Studio FX App is now available for download on iTunes.

Budget Tie Striker And X-Wing Fighter

9/17/2016 Hasbro Rogue One #goRogue reported that Hasbro will release a smaller scaled X-Wing Fighter and Tie Striker vehicle. Check out the images!

No Toy Run This Week

9/17/2016 Toy Run Podcast
There won't be a new episode of Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast this week. Jake and Criz Bee will be back next week!

Rogue One Figures Found Early!

9/17/2016 Rogue One Hasbro 3 3/4 inch
This morning, several Fred Meyer stores in Washington State put out Rogue One action figures early. Take a look at what was found!

TRU Exclusive Hovertank Pilot!

9/20/2016 Toys'R'Us The Black Series Hasbro

It was revealed today via that Toys'R'Us stores will carry an exclusive The Black Series 6-inch action figure!

Exclusive S.H. Figuarts Clone Trooper Captain

9/21/2016 S.H.Figuarts Bandai

Bandai has announced that they will sell the S.H. Figuarts Clone Trooper Captain from Episode II exclusively at their Tamashii Nations 2016 event. Check out full details about the event and a look at the Clone Trooper!

Hang Out With On Rogue Friday!

9/27/2016 Rogue One Rogue Friday Midnight Madness
If you are in the Seattle, WA area come out and meet Criz Bee from at the Tukwila, WA (Southcenter) Toys'R'Us store on Rogue Friday which is Thursday (9/29) to Friday (9/30) night!

Rogue One Astromech Droids!

9/29/2016 Rogue One Astromech Droids Disney

The Disney Park Blog has revealed that four new astromech droids in the 3 3/4 inch scale will come to Disney parks!

Our Rogue One 3 3/4 Inch Section Is Now Open!

9/29/2016 Rogue One Hasbro
Our Rogue One site sections are now available! Check 'em out!