Embracing The Dark Side By Catherine Bursill Moore


After we posted a picture of Catherine Bursill Moore's painting "Embracing The Dark Side" on our Facebook page - the post was seen by over half a million people according to our FB insights. That's an incredible number for a small fan site dedicated to Star Wars action figures!

The painting captures beautifully the love we all had when we grew up with our Star Wars toys. It also shows that girls can have a thing for Star Wars too - and not just boys!

When we posted the image on Facebook - we didn't have any information regarding the artist - the name of the painting or where it could be purchased. However - now we do and we are happy to share more information regarding this outstanding piece with you!

From Catherine: "I painted "Embracing..." about 1 1/2 years ago for a group exhibition called - Nostalgia. This is a self portrait of me when I was little. In the late 70s/early 80s - I was completely obsessed with Darth Vader. I would pretend that he was my father (even before the whole Luke/Leia thing) and I would marry Han Solo. My large Darth Vader figure (seen in painting) slept next to me at night like a teddy bear."

If you are interested in getting a print - an iphone case - stationary or other items with the artwork on it you can make a purchase on this page: Embracing The Dark Side.

Thank you Catherine for such a wonderful piece and for getting more information about it to us!

Star Wars Embracing The Dark Side