Toys'R'Us Force Friday Press Release



The Next Chapter of the Legendary Franchise Begins at ToysGÇ£RGÇ¥Us Stores Across the Globe on Force Friday - September 4 at 12:01am as Fans Get First Access to New Toys - Exclusive Giveaways and More; CompanyGÇÖs International Flagship Store in Times Square to Host Historic Star Wars Toy Exhibition and Ultimate Midnight Opening Celebration.

For the full press release have a look here please: Toys'R'Us Force Friday Press Release

Embracing The Dark Side By Catherine Bursill Moore


After we posted a picture of Catherine Bursill Moore's painting "Embracing The Dark Side" on our Facebook page - the post was seen by over half a million people according to our FB insights. That's an incredible number for a small fan site dedicated to Star Wars action figures!

The painting captures beautifully the love we all had when we grew up with our Star Wars toys. It also shows that girls can have a thing for Star Wars too - and not just boys!

When we posted the image on Facebook - we didn't have any information regarding the artist - the name of the painting or where it could be purchased. However - now we do and we are happy to share more information regarding this outstanding piece with you!

From Catherine: "I painted "Embracing..." about 1 1/2 years ago for a group exhibition called - Nostalgia. This is a self portrait of me when I was little. In the late 70s/early 80s - I was completely obsessed with Darth Vader. I would pretend that he was my father (even before the whole Luke/Leia thing) and I would marry Han Solo. My large Darth Vader figure (seen in painting) slept next to me at night like a teddy bear."

If you are interested in getting a print - an iphone case - stationary or other items with the artwork on it you can make a purchase on this page: Embracing The Dark Side.

Thank you Catherine for such a wonderful piece and for getting more information about it to us!

Star Wars Embracing The Dark Side

The Force Awakens Action Figures Hit Ebay!


The very first Star Wars action figure for The Force Awakens in the 3 3/4 inch scale has hit Ebay! This is the very first time that we get a full look at the packaging - which features a big character picture on the side and has The Force Awakens printed on the card - which confirms a dedicated line for the up-coming movie (unlike the SAGA toy line in 2002 - which didn't state Attack Of The Clones on the packaging).

Kylo Ren appears to have 5 points of articulation only - but it looks to be a very nicely sculpted figure! Next to Kylo Ren is an accessory - which is likely part of the "build-a-weapon" feature which had been revealed previously in an Argos catalog in the UK.

Kylo Ren On Ebay
Kylo Ren On Ebay

Captain Phasma has found the way to Ebay as well!

Captain Phasma On Ebay

Update! The first set of 5 points of articulation figures has been revealed - thanks to reader Brandon Eric for posting the picture!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Toy Leaks


When it rains it pours! There have been a ton of images leaked on social media and Ebay of up-coming Star Wars action figures and toys. Instead of giving you one post after another we decided to set up one photo gallery with all the images in one place. This way you'll have a better overview of what will be out there to hunt for on September 4th (Force Friday)! Let's hope Hasbro is going to release official press photos soon!

Up-Coming Star Wars The Force Awakens Toys

All Force Friday Star Wars Figures Leaked


Here is a collection of images of leaked Star Wars The Force Awakens Hasbro catalog pictures. The images were first sighted on and quickly made their way around social media.

Leaked Star Wars The Force Awakens Hasbro catalog pictures

New Figures In The Database


We've added the Toys'R'Us exclusive multipack "Jabba's Rancor Pit" to the database. Get all the info on Luke Skywalker (Lightsaber Construction) - Princess Leia Organa (Slave Outfit) - Jabba The Hutt - Gamorrean Guard and C-3PO!

You can also stay informed about updates on the "recently added figures" page here: Recently Added Star Wars Action Figures.

New Star Wars Figures Added

Our Force Friday Plans! Come Hang Out!


We have plans for Star Wars Force Friday and we would be honored if you would join us! Get all the details here: J.B.'s Force Friday Plans!

Star Wars Force Friday