New Variations In Hasbro's 6" 40th Anniversary Collection

6/20/2017 Hasbro The Black Series Variations

J.B. reader Wayne Eggert has shared some images with us of variations he's found in figures from Hasbro's 6" 40th Anniversary Collection. 

From Wayne:

I thought I would share the variations in the new sandpeople figures. In addition to the color difference on the heads, the pouches on the dark head version are painted a flat reddish brown while the pouches on the other are unpainted glossy light brown. The dark head seems to have been produced over many waves and the lighter head on possibly the last lot only. I've seen several of each, but all the light heads have been from the same lot (70961) where there are a wide range of lots on the dark head.

Similarly, the flat reddish brown pouches have been only on the Sand People with dark heads while the light brown have been exclusive to the lighter head version. This could be because of a mixed production since all the pictures I've seen of the main run Black Series Raider have all had light heads. If it goes back to dark heads in a later run, this could wind up being the rarest 40th anniversary figure.

Black Series Variation

New In The Database: Disney Elite Series Luke Skywalker (Blonde Hair)!

6/20/2017 Disney Elite Series Die Cast 40th Anniversary

You can now find the variant of the Disney Elite Series Die Cast 6.5" figure of Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper disguise in the database. Get all the information about the figure here:

Disney Elite Series Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper

Luke Skywalker stormtrooper disney