Galaxy Of Adventures Store Display

5/9/2019 Galaxy Of Adventures Hasbro

Star Wars: Galaxy Of Adventures 3.75" action figures by Hasbro are on display at stores in a cardboard display. Series 1 and 2 had their own designs on the cardboard box and we expect series 3 to have a unique design as well. To have a look at the display check out some high-res images.

New Addition: Saga Collection Shadow Stormtrooper & Yoda

5/9/2019 The Saga Collection Hasbro Revenge Of The Sith

You can now find Yoda from the Heroes & Villains Collection and the Shadow Stormtrooper from 2006's Saga Collection in the database, have a look here: 


New Addition: Heroes & Villains Anakin Skywalker

5/9/2019 Hasbro The Saga Collection Revenge Of The Sith

You can now find Anakin Skywalker from The Saga Collection sub-line Heroes & Villains in the database, check it out! 

Anakin Skywalker