Hasbro's Fan Vote Winner

5/5/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Disney/Lucasfilm and Hasbro announced the next fans' choice winner of the fan vote from this past week. The character who won is Dr. Aphra, which is a new character in the expanded Star Wars universe featured in the Marvel comic books.

About the character:

Chelli Lona Aphra was a human female archaeologist who was recruited by Darth Vader after the Battle of Yavin. Aphra, along with her two assassin droid companions, 0-0-0 (Triple-Zero) and BT-1 (Beetee), fulfilled several missions for Darth Vader before falling out of his favor.

Look for Dr. Aphra in the Vintage Collection 3.75" line by Hasbro towards the end of 2018.

dr. aphra

May The Fourth: Thanks Hasbro!

5/5/2017 Hasbro May The Fourth

We'd like to say thank you to Hasbro for sending us a nice surprise for May The Fourth 2017! The nicely designed package included a Bladebuilder set and a postcard which features Star Wars action figures of Hasbro's 40th Anniversary Darth Vader and Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi (photographed by WorkMoreOrLess). Thanks Hasbro!

Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 58

5/5/2017 Toy Run Podcast Fan's Poll

On this week’s episode, your hosts Criz Bee and Jake Stevens review the latest four new figures which make up the final wave of Rogue One’s 3 ¾” action figure line. They provide their thoughts about the Hasbro Fan Figure Vote finalist, share their pursuit of the second wave of 40th Anniversary Collection 6” figures and as always bring you the weekly toy rundown of the news. All this and more in Episode 58 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! Listen now and subscribe!