Miracles Do Happen! Look At This Kenner Warehouse Find!

4/6/2018 Kenner Entertainment Earth Return Of The Jedi

Entertainment Earth is currently taking preorders for Kenner Salacious Crumb figures and hookah pipes with slave collars. Originally those items were acccessories for the 1983 Kenner Jabba The Hutt action playset (that was 35/36 years ago!). We've reached out to them to see what was going on with that and it turns out that there was a warehouse find and Entertainment Earth will make those items available for purchase in May 2018. So don't miss out on those, they are very reasonably priced at $3.99 each!

Salacious Crumb $3.99

Glass Bowl With Hookah Pipe #3.99

Kenner Salacious Crumb

Toy Run The Star Wars Action Figure Cast #104

4/6/2018 Toy Run Podcast Toy Run Podcast

Here is a new episode of your favorite Star Wars collecting podcast! Listen to Toy Run for free every week, either stream it here or download it on your favorite podcasting app such as iTunes, Stitcher, etc... 

Listen now to episode 104 which is all about up-coming Solo toys!

Toy Run Episode 104