Rare Black Series 3.75" Set Added

4/30/2019 The Black Series Hasbro The Force Awakens

Here is a Black Series 3.75" action figure set which a lot of collectors missed out on. In late 2017, right before the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Amazon Italy sold an exclusive cinema box set which included a Black Series 3.75" Han Solo figure. 

The set featured the Hasbro and Black Series logos. The box included two movie theater tickets to see The Last Jedi, a BB-8 colored car charger, a BB-8 colored micro USB cable, BB-8 colored headphones, two headphone attachments for different ear sizes and the Han Solo figure. The set was limited to 500 pieces only and cost 49,99 Euros, which is currently $56.08 in the U.S. Needless to say, with only 500 sets made, and availability restricted to only Amazon Italy, this is the rarest of all Black Series 3.75" sets made. This was the last puzzle piece to our full Black Series 3.75" archive, have a look here for all figures made in this series: Star Wars Black Series 3.75" toy line.

To find out more about the figure and for our photo gallery have a look here: Black Series 3.75" Han Solo (Special Cinema Box), Amazon Italy exclusive

Black Series Han Solo

Star Wars Retro Collection Early Bird Homage

4/30/2019 Star Wars Retro Collection Kenner Hasbro

We've recveived a nice surprise from Hasbro! They sent a large envelope in the style of the original Kenner Early Bird Kit from 1977 which included a reproduction of the original 1977 Star Wars stickers. We'd like to say thank you to Hasbro for this fun piece and for sending it our way. We are looking forward to the Star Wars Retro Collection in a few weeks (the single carded figures are exclusively available at Target stores), and if you've been around the website then you already know that Grand Moff Tarkin has already been reviewed here on J.B.

For a look at what figures Hasbro has planned have a look at the photo gallery from this year's New York Toy Fair.

Star Wars Retro Collection