Protect Your Figures! A Look At The Brand New FigureShield Clamshells!

3/30/2018 FigureShield The Vintage Collection

Just in time for the return of Hasbro's The Vintage Collection, FigureShield has released their brand new ST-69 clamshells for standard 6x9 carded figures. Those clamshells fit any and all 6x9" cardded figures that have bubbles that don't go all the way to the bottom of the card, so they fit all vintage Kenner figures, The Vintage Collection, Disney's Droid Factory figures, Funko ReAction figures, GI Joe, and more. FigureShield is working on a new design which will fit Revenge Of The Sith and Clone Wars figures where the figure's bubble goes to the bottom of the card, and we will update you here once those have been released. For now however, it's all about the ST-69 clamshells which will protect The Vintage Collection figures!


Toy Run The Star Wars Action Figure Cast #103

3/30/2018 Toy Run The Vintage Collection Sail Barge

This week on TOY RUN, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens pay tribute to Toys'R' with a moment of silence and they review the first wave of The Vintage Collection figures. Jabba’s Sail Barge continues to stay in the news as it enters its last few days of its HasLab campaign and the hosts discuss new information which was revealed through a google hangout with the Star Wars brand team. In addition Jake and Criz Bee talk about the new BluRay Star Wars action figure covers and they share some thoughts about FigureShield, the premium way to protect carded Vintage Collection figures. Toy Run listeners will get the chance to save some money on FigureShield clamshells with an exclusive promo code given out during the show and listeners can win a digital download code for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. All of this, plus the Toy Rundown of the News, TR Nation on Facebook coverage and what was found on this week’s toy runs and tons more figure talk on Episode #103 of TOY RUN: The Star Wars Action Figure Cast! Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe and please leave a 5 star review on iTunes!

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3/30/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection Hasbro

We did it! The Kethanna, Jabba's Sail Barge, has found more than 5,000 backers and will go into production! Stay tuned over the next two weeks for a closer look at the included booklet and we'll keep you updated here on about any progress made on the vehicle! 

Congratulations to anybody who backed this first HasLab project, this is the most expensive and biggest Star Wars ship for 3.75" figures ever made! There is still time to get yourself one if you haven't yet, you have until April 3rd:

Hasbro Sail Barge