Oh Yes They Are Different!

3/15/2019 The Vintage Collection Hasbro

Sammy Delco just purchased the lastest Star Wars The Vintage Collection figures in China and gave us a closer look at the head sculpts. Initially Hasbro announced during New York Comic Con 2018 that those figures would be straight re-releases, with the exception of changes to the legal statements on the back of the packaging. Well, it looks like Hasbro took the opportunity and implemented the photo real face printing technology, which is a definite upgrade and well worth upgrading to if you own the previous releases. Check out the comparison shots!

Update: Darth Vader has been added, and he as well was updated with the photo real face printing technology.

Star Wars The Vintage Collection

JBT - Jedi Business Talk - Episode #5

3/15/2019 JBT Jedi Business Talk Kenner

For this episode of JBT Criz Bee went to the archives and pulled out an interview with Kenner photographer Kim Simmons, a.k.a. The Man Who Shot Luke Skywalker! Join Criz Bee and Tom Berges (IGrewUpStarWars.com) on their adventure to learn more about the iconic Kenner Star Wars toy images which dominated their childhoods. Click on through and listen to the interview!

JBT Jedi Business Talk Kim Simmons