An Overview Of Jabba The Hutt Action Figures 1983 - 2019

3/12/2019 Hasbro Return Of The Jedi Jabba The Hutt

With all the excitement about Jabba's Sail Barge we went ahead and updated our overview of all the Jabba The Hutt action figures released to date. Our look starts with the Kenner 1983 Jabba The Hutt figure and ends with the just released 2019 Vintage Collection Jabba The Hutt figure. Take a look and let us know what your favorite Jabba figure is in the comments!

Jabba The Hutt Action Figures

Jabba's Sail Barge - Fan Displays!

3/12/2019 HasLab Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

We've uploaded the first round of fan submissions! Did you get a Sail Barge too? Then we would love to add you to the photo gallery as well! Post your own Sail Barge pics in the comments please, we can grab them from there and get them added!

Following collectors and their Sail Barges (and in some cases their pets and younglings!) have been added to 

  • Alvaro Pamela
  • Andy Cinquino
  • Brent St James
  • Carlos J Beltran
  • Daniel Sparks
  • Gene Ortiz
  • Harry Szabrak
  • Jeffrey May
  • Joel Williamson
  • John Belfiore
  • Mark Zaplitny
  • Matt Amy
  • Michael Paul Will
  • Patrick Ennen
  • Philip Provost
  • Rob Guy
  • Robert Fryer
  • Scott Artis
  • Scott Beauchemin
  • Stefan Lawrence
  • JD Mill
  • Joe Nickrand
  • Manoah Crane
  • Chuck Wolfe

Thank you for all your submissions! Now let's take a look at Jabba's Sail Barge photo gallery and if you want to get your pictures added, please post them in the comments!