Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 84

11/3/2017 Toy Run Podcast

This week on another informational-packed episode of TOY RUN, the hosts, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens, take a long look at all of the Star Wars news released over the past seven days! On the docket for discussion is the recent The Last Jedi TV trailer, Disney’s new Toy Box line of action figures, Kathleen Kennedy’s statements on the future of Star Wars, the latest Rebels episodes, Toys R’ Us’ exclusive poster giveaways and vehicle, Forces of Destiny Volume 2, the pricing of Kohl’s exclusive 3 ¾” multipack and of course all the Hasbro Star Wars action figure news you can handle. Episode #84 also features the longest Toy Rundown of the News yet, so don’t miss out and tune in to discover what deals can be had on Star Wars action figures this week! Listen now and subscribe!

Toy Run

New Site Section On!

11/4/2017 Star Wars Toybox Disney Disney Store

We've added a new site section to! You can now find Disney's brand new line of 5" Star Wars Toybox figures in the database. The first wave which was released yesterday, November 3rd 2017, included figures of Kylo Ren, First Order Stormtrooper and Rey. The toy line, which is clearly aimed at children with very cute animated design aesthetics, is only available at Disney Stores. We'll keep adding figures to the database as they become available.

Please have a look at the first Star Wars toybox figures, check out the photo galleries and read up on some details about the figures.

Star wars toybox

Star Wars Action Figure Release Schedule

11/6/2017 The Black Series The Last Jedi Force Link

With 2017 coming to an end in about eight short weeks, we looked at what Hasbro Star Wars action figures we'll likely see before the year is over and what Star Wars action figures have already been officially announced for 2018.

Release schedule star wars figures

Power Of The Jedi Interactive Jedi Force File?

11/7/2017 Power Of The Jedi Prototype

Oh the things you learn years and years later... do you remember the Jedi Force Files which were packed in with Star Wars action figures between 2000 and 2002? It would have been pretty cool to create a Jedi Force File with your own images and your own stats, right?  Apparently Hasbro was planning just that! At some point they planned to release a Bespin Luke Skywalker action figure in the 3.75" scale during the Power Of The Jedi toy line (2000 until early 2002). The figure would have been packed together with a CD-Rom in special packaging and it would have included an X-Wing flight game, bio stats and missions, and best of all, it would have been possible to create your own Jedi Force file and upload it to the Internet. Somebody is selling the figure only on Ebay with no packaging included.

New In The Database: The Black Series 6" Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room)

11/14/2017 The Last Jedi Hasbro The Black Series

You can now find Hasbro's 6" Black Series Supreme Leader Snoke in the database. This figure was released exclusively at Gamestop and ThinkGeek stores, for more information about the figure have a look at the database entry please:

Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room)

Supreme Leader Snoke (Throne Room)

New In The Database: The Black Series 6" Elite Praetorian Guard (Heavy Blade)

11/14/2017 The Last Jedi The Black Series Hasbro

You can now find the Amazon exclusive Black Series 6" Elite Praetorian Guard (Heavy Blade) in the database. For all the information about the figure have a look at the entry please:

Elite Praetorian Guard (Heavy Blade)

Elite Praetorian Guard

Introducing MICRO FORCE - Hasbro's NEW Star Wars Collectibles!

11/15/2017 Micro Force Hasbro

Micro Force is a line of squishable and easily collectible micro figures. Fan-favorite characters include Rey, Finn, Darth Vader, Yoda, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and so many more. You can view high res images of the first two waves of characters below.

STAR WARS MICRO FORCE Blind Bags Assortment

(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $2.99/Available: December 2017)

Collect the Galaxy of fan-favorite characters with the STAR WARS MICRO FORCE Blind Bags Assortment. Each figure has a squishable feel and unique pose, creating an exciting new way to bring iconic STAR WARS scenes to life!  These stylized and movie-inspired micro collectibles include iconic characters such as REY, FINN, DARTH VADER, LUKE SKYWALKER, PRINCESS LEIA ORGANA, HAN SOLO, CHEWBACCA, YODA, R2-D2, and more. Each blind bag includes two figures and a collector card. Each sold separately. Available at most major retailers and on

Star Wars Micro Force

Gentle Giant's Life-Size Kenner R2-D2!

11/17/2017 Gentle Giant Kenner

Gentle Giant is now taking pre-orders for their life-size Kenner inspired R2-D2. The monument, which is based off of the original 1978 Kenner R2-D2 figure, costs $3,200.00 and ships in July 2018. Have a look at the pictures below. 


Happy Thanksgiving!

11/23/2017 Thanksgiving Dioramas

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Star Wars fans and Star Wars action figure collectors! We hope you have a save and fun holiday! The image below was created by the talented Stephen Hayford who is a diorama artist. He creates images for various pop culture properties, municipalities, museums and galleries, you can look at more of his Star Wars work on his official website (or on Instagram) and you can listen to our interview with him on Toy Run episode 11!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2017

Yahoo! Entertainment Talks About The Early Days Of Kenner!

11/26/2017 Kenner Vintage Star Wars

Joal Ryan has updated an article on Yahoo! Entertainment from 2015 where they go back to 1977 and analyze the only Christmas in Star Wars history which didn't have Star Wars action figures on store shelves or under Christmas trees. Our good friend Gus Lopez, who has been a guest on several of our podcast episodes, is featured in the story along with some photography from his website The Star Wars Collectors Archive. It's a a good read, even if you've heard the story countless times over the years. Have a look here!

Yahoo Star Wars


Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca Found At ThinkGeek!

11/26/2017 Forces Of Destiny Hasbro Chewbacca

Hasbro's Forces Of Destiny Chewbacca electronic figure has made it to retail stores! The figure was found at a ThinkGeek store in Seattle. If you collect this line, make sure you stop by your local ThinkGeek store!

Forces of destiny chewbacca

New In The Database: The Black Series 6" Rey (Jedi Training) With Crait Base

11/28/2017 The Last Jedi Hasbro The Black Series

You can now find Hasbro's 6" Star Wars The Black Series Rey (Jedi Training) with Crait base in the database. To learn more about the figure and it's fantastic looking base have a look at the database entry please.

Rey Crait