The Gamestop/Barnes'N'Noble Exclusive Black Series 6" Guards 4-Pack Is Now In The Database!

10/13/2017 The Black Series Hasbro

You can now find the Gamestop/ThinkGeek and Barnes'N'Noble shared exclusive Hasbro The Black Series 6" Guards 4-Pack in the database. To learn more about each figure have a look here please:

The Black Series Senate Guard

The Black Series Emperor's Royal Guard

The Black Series Emperor's Shadow Guard

The Black Series Elite Praetorian Guard

Star Wars The Black Series Guards

Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 81

10/13/2017 Toy Run Podcast

On this episode of TOY RUN, Paul Harrison from join Criz Bee and Jake Stevens in a conversation about his experience attending Hasbro’s roundtable discussions at New York Comic Con. The three break down each of Hasbro’s reveals as well as their hopes and thoughts on the return of The Vintage Collection line. Jake gushes over the trailer. Criz discovers some great buys on ebay. The week’s toy run down of the news and much more in Episode 81 of your friendly weekly Star Wars action figure cast! Listen now and subscribe!

Toy Run