Is Palpatine Coming To Amazon?

10/12/2018 Force Link Hasbro Return Of The Jedi

Amazon has listed the single carded Force Link Emperor Palpatine 3 3/4" figure on their website. Even though this figure was available in a Target exclusive 3-pack in the U.S., and it was sold internationally single carded, it looks as if Amazon picked it up as an exclusive for the United States. Have a look at the listing, it will be sold and shipped by Amazon itself. 

You can look at the single carded version in the database here and the Target 3-pack version can be found here.


It's Time To Digest All The Star Wars Action Figure Goodness!

10/12/2018 Toy Run Podcast NYCC2018

We've released three podcast episodes over the past days which wraps up our New York Comic Con 2018 coverage. Toy Run episode #128 features the Hasbro Star Wars press and SyFy Wire Live presentation, episode #129 features the entire Hasbro Star Wars panel and Toy Run episode #130 gives you a breakdown and commentary of all the Star Wars action figure announcements. You can stream every episode for free here on the website or subscribe through your favorite podcast app. 

Toy Run Episode #128

Toy Run Episode #129

Toy Run Episode #130

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