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Jedi Business has provided photos for the brand new collectors magazine Cool&Collected! The article about Boba Fett action figures - which was written by Jason GÇ£Poe GhostalGÇ¥ Clarke - features several photos of Boba Fett figures provided by Jedi Business! Read on for more!

Jedi Business in Cool&Collected Magazine

Read on for more: Jedi Business photos in the Cool&Collected magazine

Galaxy Of Toys Podcast: Episode 21


Galaxy Of Toys has posted a new episode! Jason - Tom - Chris and Ryan are joined by Jake from to talk about the best and worst Star Wars action figures - Star Wars vehicles and other Star Wars toys from 2013.

Galaxy Of Toys

The Legacy Collection 2013


The Legacy Collection 2013 section is now open! Hasbro cancelled the toy line in early 2013 - but managed to release seven figures from the line as an Amazon exclusive in the Fall.

The set contained Star Wars figures of TC-70 (Build-A-Droid) - a Sandtrooper (black pauldron) - a Tie Fighter Pilot - FA-4 - a 212th Battalion Clone Trooper and Sun Fac. The first entry into the archive is TC-70 - the rest of the gang will follow shortly!

The Legacy Collection 2013

The Legacy Collection 2013

Get Inspired!


Today123456789s focus is on Tom Berges123456789 Star Wars Collection! Tom123456789s collection focus is on vintage Star Wars toys based on the original Star Wars movie and Star Wars prop replicas from the original trilogy.

Tom Berges123456789 Star Wars Collection

The Story Of Star Wars Toys


We are excited to bring you an interview with Brian Stillman - the director and executive producer of Plastic Galaxy - a documentary about the story of Star Wars toys.

Brian shares his experiences making the film - his impressions after meeting with former Kenner employees - and he talks about the contagious enthusiasm of fellow collectors.

Plastic Galaxy -  The Story Of Star Wars Toys

Cool&Collected - Brian Adams


A few months back - I was delighted to be asked to contribute photos of Boba Fett action figures for an article in the premier issue of Cool&Collected - the magazine for pop culture collectors.

I received an early copy of Cool&Collected not long afterwards. When I held the finished product in my hands - I was impressed: the glossy pages and weight of the magazine already alluded to quality - and as I read through the content - I found myself captivated by the well-written articles.