We've Improved The Master List!

1/23/2017 JediBusiness.com

We've added additional filters to the master list, you can now sort Star Wars action figures by Kenner 3 3/4", Hasbro 3 3/4" and Hasbro 6". This is in addition to sorting by letter, name, title, toy line, scale and brand. Have fun playing around: 

Star Wars Action Figure Master List

Star Wars Action Figure Master List


New In The Database: Captain Phasma VS. Finn 2-Pack

1/23/2017 Hasbro The Force Awakens

You can now find the brand new 3 3/4" Captain Phasma and 3 3/4" Finn action figures from Hasbro's VS. 2-pack in the database. To learn more about each figure have a look at the entries here: 

Captain Phasma VS. 2-pack

Finn (Jakku) VS. 2-pack

Captain Phasma VS. Finn


The Official Title For Star Wars: Episode VIII Revealed

1/23/2017 Lucasfilm The Last Jedi Episode VIII

Lucasfilm/Disney announced the title for Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is THE LAST JEDI.

For more information take a look at the official website please!

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