Salacious Crumb (With Amanaman) Power Of The Jedi 2001

Salacious Crumb With Amanaman Power Of The Jedi

Salacious Crumb


  • This Salacious Crumb figure was packed-in together with Amanaman
  • Salacious Crumb can not stand by himself
  • There are no holes in the feet to place him on a stand
  • He can unfortunately cannot sit down like seen in Return Of The Jedi
  • There are no movable parts on the figure


Salacious Crumb was packed-in together with Bounty Hunter Amanaman.

The bounty hunter Amanaman lurked in Jabba the Hutt's den of crime in Return of the Jedi. It scours the galaxy hunting down fugitives, and keeps their skulls to decorate it's staff. The species is called Amanin but is nicknamed Head Hunters.


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