MSE Droid (With Galen Erso) The Rogue One Collection 2017

MSE Droid With Galen Erso The Rogue One Collection

MSE Droid


  • This Mouse Droid was released packed-in together with Galen Erso in Spring 2017
  • The Mouse Droid is a slight repaint of the Vintage Collection Mouse Droid which was packed-in with Grand Moff Tarkin
  • This time around the droid is still black, but the grey highlights on the side panels are gone
  • The front and back-wheels can be turned
  • There are no removable parts or hidden gadgets on the droid
  • There is no datestamp imprinted on the figure
  • The details on both side panels have some subtle grey paint on them, which is nice compared to the previous all black versions of the Mouse droid


A scientific genius, Galen Erso was coerced by the Galactic Empire to help develop a weapon of ultimate destruction. With deep regret, Erso perfected methods to harness the magnifying effects of kyber crystals to power the Death Star's planet-shattering superlaser.

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