Kit Fisto (Clone Wars - Droid Factory) The Legacy Collection 2008

Kit Fisto Clone Wars - Droid Factory The Legacy Collection

Kit Fisto

  • Toy Line: The Legacy Collection
  • (via affiliate link)
  • Scale: 3.75"
  • Retailer Exclusive: Walmart
  • Variation Pictured: No
  • Date Stamp: 2003
  • Released: 2008
  • Joint Count: 8
  • Joint Details: Ball-jointed head, 2 shoulders, waist, 2 hips, ball-jointed ankles
  • Accessory Count: 2
  • Accessory Details: Removable Wire Cloak, Green Lightsaber


This figure is a repaint of the Kit Fisto Action Figure released during the first Clone Wars series in 2004. Kit Fisto has only basic articulation and is pretty in-accurate when compared to the Tartakovsky Clone Wars TV series. A new addition is his cloak which features a wire frame so that you can position it better. The figure stands securely without the help of a stand, and Kit Fisto can hold the lightsaber tightly. It's a nice looking figure, which hopefully in the future will see a better articulated and more accurate update.


Jedi Master Kit Fisto is equally comfortable in air or water. R4-H5 flies in Fisto's starfighter to help navigate and repair the ship.

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