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Obi-Wan Kenobi's astromech droid R4-P17 was released individually carded during The Clone Wars Collection in early November 2010. The astromech droid has been featured in various Clone Wars episodes, accompanying Obi-Wan Kenobi in his Jedi Starfighter.

R4-P17 is based on previously released astromech droids, such as R8-B7, and Goldie R3-S6. The figure features 5 joints, with a rotating dome, two swivel legs, and two ankles. The middle leg is removable, so that the figure can be displayed in a "rolling" or "standing" position. The permanently attached left and right legs have each two rolls in them, while the middle leg has one. This way the droid can be pushed and moved around. There were no accessories included with the figure, but the droid has a few gadgets built-in. On the front, two of the panels can be opened, with each of them containing a tool that can be pulled out. The dome contains an antenna, which needs to be manually pulled up. On the back of the droid is a hidden compartment, which contains a grappling hook attached to a string. By rotating the dome, the grappling hook can be reeled in again.

The paint application on R4-P17 is execute well, and the sculpt mimics the astromech droid's likeness from the TV show very well. It's a fun little droid, especially the "hidden" compartments with the tools in them are fun. Overall, animated-style R4-P17 is a cool figure, and adding astromech droids to the collection just never gets old!


R4-P17 is Obi-Wan KenobiGÇÖs astromech droid. The faithful little droid provides navigational and technical assistance on board the JediGÇÖs starfighter. Rebuilt by Anakin Skywalker, Arfour's original dome was replaced with an R2-series dome. The droid accompanies Obi-Wan on many dangerous missions during the Clone Wars.




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