R2-X2 (A New Hope) The Legacy Collection #52, 2009

R2-X2 A New Hope The Legacy Collection



This R2-X2 astromech droid was released single carded at the end of 2009, in The Legacy Collection's basic assortment. R2-X2 can be seen in Star Wars: A New Hope's Rebel Briefing scenes, standing next to R2-D2.

The droid was given 6 joints, including a rotating dome, 2 swivel legs, and 3 swivel ankles. All 3 legs have little rolls in them, so the droid can be rolled around in a diorama. There were no weapons, or any other gadgets included with this release. When the droid's dome is rotated, it moves the middle leg in and out of the body. R2-X2 does not have a sensor scope or antenna inside the dome.

R2-X2's paint application is basic, with a dark green body color, which was given some black and silver accents. It looks nice overall, even though there is no weathering to be found on the figure. All in all, astromech droid R2-X2 is a nice addition to the astromech family, and if you collect Star Wars figures which appeared in the movies, you'll want to pick this one up!


R2-X2 is the on-board astromech droid for Red Ten during the Battle of Yavin. The R2 series astromech droid aids the Rebel Alliance X-Wing fighter pilot during the Trench Run to destroy the Galactic Empire's Death Star battle station.

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