Dianoga (Death Star Trash Compactor Set #1 & 2) Star Wars SAGA Series 2002

Dianoga Death Star Trash Compactor Set #1 & 2 Star Wars SAGA Series



  • The Dianoga (Death Star Trash Compactor) was released in December 2002/January 2003's Star Wars SAGA series as a Walmart exclusive
  • The figure was included in both sets - the Death Star Trash Compactor set #1 and #2
  • Set #1 included the bottom part of the figure - set #2 included the head with upper body
  • The upper body plugs nicely onto the bottom part of the figure
  • There are no movable parts on the Dianoga
  • The size of the Dianoga is impressive - fully assembled it stands about the size of 1 1/2 regular Star Wars action figures
  • The Dianoga is sculpted nicely and shows how advanced sculpting technology was in 2003 when compared to the 1978 vintage Dianoga
  • The figure stands very securely on display and it fits perfectly into both of the included bases


Luke, Han, and Chewie infiltrate the Death Star to free Princess Leia. While making their escape, they dive down a garbage chute and become trapped in a trash compactor with a hungry dianoga. Then the walls begin to close in on them, and our heroes are caught in a tight squeeze!

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