Gonk Droid Disney Elite Series Die Cast 2018

Gonk Droid Disney Elite Series Die Cast

Gonk Droid


  • This Elite Series Die-Cast GNK Gonk Droid was released single boxed exclusively at Disney Stores in October 2018
  • There were no accessories included with the figure except for the basic display stand
  • This particular Gonk Droid is based on the droid which could be seen in A New Hope in front of the Sandcrawler
  • The only movable parts on the droid are the legs which can be moved back and forth slightly
  • There are no hidden compartments on the droid
  • This Gonk Droid is nicely detailed with a wonderful dirty paint application on the body
  • This Gonk Droid is among our favorite Elite Series Die-Cast figures!
  • The droid balances out well when on display without falling over


In collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., Disney Store is proud to introduce a collection of droids within the Star Wars Elite Series. This line of premium die cast action figures features iconic droids from the expanseive world of Star Wars. Each droid was meticulously selected, engineered and crafted with Star Wars fans in mind.

GNK power droids understand rudimentary commands and generate power for mobile operations. They are often called "Gonk" droids in imitation of their simple vocalizations.

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