Gonk Droid (With Sandcrawler Vehicle) The Disney Collection 2018

Gonk Droid With Sandcrawler Vehicle The Disney Collection

Gonk Droid


  • This Gonk Droid figure was released exclusively at Disneyland and Disney World packed-in together with a Jawa and a Sandcrawler vehicle
  • For a look at the Sandcrawler vehicle have a look here: Disney Sandcrawler
  • The Gonk Droid's dome can be taken off
  • With the dome off we get a look at the Gonk Droid's inner workings which includes cables and circuit boards
  • Both legs can be moved back and forth
  • The paint application looks plain on first sight with only gray on the body and black feet, however when taking a closer look you'll notice that there is subtle weathering on the lower part of the droid's body (hardly noticeable but it's there)
  • The figure stands well on display without balancing issues


Sandcrawlers are huge traded fortresses used by Jawas as transportation and shelter. The sandpitted vehicles, many meters in height, are equipped with a magnetic suction tube for sucking droids and scrap into their cargo chambers.

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