Gonk Droid (With Droid Factory Playset) The Disney Collection 2019

Gonk Droid With Droid Factory Playset The Disney Collection

Gonk Droid


  • This color-changing Gonk Droid was released packed-in with the Droid Factory Playset
  • The Droid Factory Playset was available on opening day of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, CA on May 31, 2019
  • The Gonk Droid changes colors based on the temperature, it can be displayed with a blue body (cold) or a gray body (warm)
  • The color change can be achieved by either dipping the droid in cold or warm water, or by simply placing it in a freezer or rubbing it with your hands to warm the figure up
  • The droid's original color when it was still in its packaging was blue, that's why we photographed it in its blue color for the website entry
  • The see the blue Gonk Droid and the gray version side by side have a look here
  • The recommended temperature mentioned on the packaging for the color change to occur is 86° to 107.6° Fahrenheit (30° - 42° Celsius) and 32° - 64° Fahrenheit (0° - 18° Celsius)
  • Once the droid's color has changed it will remain in this color, however, if you have it displayed with the color tone in its cold state, and you touch it to adjust the pose or to move it, it will likely warm up the figure because of the body temperature, and as a result the color will change on the droid where you touched it
  • This is the second Gonk Droid which Disney has made, the first one was packed-in with the Sandcrawler vehicle
  • For this Gonk Droid Disney used their build-a-droid sculpt, this allows for the droid's to be taken off
  • Both legs can be moved back and forth
  • There were no accessories included with this Gonk Droid
  • The figure keeps its balance very well
  • There are no hidden panels or gadgets built into this Gonk Droid
  • For a look at the Droid Factory Playset have a look here: Droid Factory Playset



All different types of droids populate the galaxy. Each droid is different and has their own unique personality and colors. Perform diagnostics and change the color of the droids!

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