IT-O Interrogation Droid (With Darth Vader) The Power Of The Force 1999

IT-O Interrogation Droid With Darth Vader The Power Of The Force

IT-O Interrogation Droid


  • The IT-O Interrogation Droid was released on a single cardback packed in togehter with a Darth Vader figure
  • The droid has a hole in the bottom where the included stand can be plugged in
  • The base of the stand is fairly small - but it keeps its balance quite well
  • There are no movable or removable parts on this droid
  • The figure is nicely detailed - but unfortunately - one of the most memorable pieces about this droid - the syringe - doesn't look much like a syringe


Inside the Death Star's detention corridor, Darth Vader is intent on snapping Princess Leia's defiance. Accompanied by an Imperial interrogation droid, the Sith Lord enters cell 2187, determined to learn the location of the hidden Rebel base from his royal prisoner.

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