Jawa With Gonk Droid The Power Of The Force


  • Toy Line: The Power Of The Force
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  • Scale: 3.75"
  • Retailer Exclusive: No
  • Variations Recorded: No
  • Date Stamp: 1999
  • Released: 1999
  • Joint Count: 5
  • Joint Details: 2 swivel shoulders, swivel waist, 2 swivel hips
  • Accessory Count: 1
  • Accessory Details: Blaster


  • This Jawa was packed-in together with a Gonk Droid on a basic card
  • There were a few different variations available: no holes in both feet - no hole in the right foot - no hole in the left foot and holes in both feet
  • The figures are all identical - except for the holes
  • Pictured here is the "no-holes" version
  • The figure can carry the blaster in both hands - but it can't hold it up to aim
  • The holster on the back of the figure is non-functional
  • The clothing - the hood and the bandoliers are part of the figure and not removable
  • The top of the hood has yellow see-through plastic in it - so if the light shines on it - the eyes will light up yellow
  • Unlike previous Jawa figures from the POTF2 series - both legs are molded individually - instead of being one solid piece of plastic
  • The figure stands nicely by itself without help from a stand
  • A big thank you to our Facebook friend Christopher Owen for pointing out the "only one-hole" variation to us


Jawas are small, foul smelling machine-scavengers of Tatooine's deserts. Crafty traders and talented mechanics, they often use power "Gonk" droids to provide energy for their scavenged goods.


Jawa With Gonk Droid


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