Jar Jar Binks (In Carbonite) The Vintage Collection 2012

Jar Jar Binks In Carbonite The Vintage Collection

Jar Jar Binks


  • Jar Jar Binks in Carbonite was released in 2012 as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive
  • The figure was available on a Vintage Collection card together with six other figures in the "Lost Line" card style (a packaging concept from the late 70ties before the original vintage Kenner line started)
  • All seven figures were packaged in one big "Carbonite Chamber" box
  • The figure is based on an idea fans came up with for Celebration III - which was held in 2005
  • The carbonite block consists of two pieces - which can be stuck together
  • There are no panels or hidden gadgets
  • Unfortunately - the carbonite block is too small to capture Jar Jar's height correctly (about a head too short)
  • The paint application is quite simple with a grey color and some red buttons on each side
  • It certainly is a unique and fun piece


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