R2-D2 - Star Wars The Black Series 6" - 2017

Collect All 12 Star Wars Action Figures! Each sold separately. Subject to availability.

R2-D2 Star Wars

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Han Solo figure, POTF2Basic2
Rebel Fleet Trooper figure, TVC
Captain Rex figure, TCWMail-In
Death Squad Commander figure, TVC3-pack
Commander Fox figure, TCWSpecial
Dr. Evazan figure, TVC
Even Piell figure, SAGAScreenScene
Padmé Amidala figure, TLC2
Obi-Wan Kenobi figure, bssixthreeexclusive
Boba Fett figure, TVCExclusive
3PO Protocol Droid figure, DCMultipack
Mickey Mouse figure, DisneyCharacterFiguresWeekends
Plo Koon figure, POTJ
Clone Trooper Boost figure, TCWBattlepack
Storm Commando figure, TLCEvolutions2009
Dengar figure, POTF2Basic2
Tie Fighter Pilot figure, tfa
Chewbacca figure, POTJ25thAnniversary
Y-Wing Pilot figure, POTF2VEHICLE2
QT-KT figure, blackthreeexclusive
Battle Droid figure, Episode1special
Ahsoka Tano figure, TCW2Packs
Wuher figure, POTF2special
Darth Vader figure, tfa