R3-M2 - The Disney Collection - 2016

All different types of Astromech droids populate the Star Wars galaxy. Each droid is different and has their own unique personality and colors. These four new Astromech figures are featured in the new film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

May the Force be with you... and your Droids!

R3-M2 2016 Droid Factory 4-Pack

Featured Figures

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Flametrooper figure, tfa
General Grievous figure, TCW2009
G8-R3 figure, DTF
Commander Jet figure, CW2
Clone Trooper figure, TVC
Imperial Officer figure, SAGA
Princess Leia Organa figure, POTF2
Han Solo figure, bssixthreeexclusive
Qui-Gon Jinn figure, Episode1special
Tusken Raider figure, BlackSeries40
Clone Trooper Odd Ball figure, TCW
Sith Jet Trooper figure, GalaxyBasic
Princess Leia Organa figure, tvctwobasic
Admiral Thrawn figure, bssixthreeexclusive
ARC Trooper figure, TLC
Princess Leia Organa figure, POTF2leia
Luke Skywalker figure, SL
Rey figure, bssixthree
Greedo figure, blackseriesphase4exclusive
Captain Rex figure, CW4
Naboo Royal Guard figure, TVC
Mace Windu figure, ctsmulti
Lando Calrissian figure, blackthree
Hem Dazon figure, TSC