Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Retro Collection - 2020

The Star Wars RETRO COLLECTION is inspired by 1980s Star Wars figures and features original figure design and detailing! Continue your collection from the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Luke Skywalker Bespin

Featured Figures

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Stormtrooper Squad Leader figure, ctsmulti
Chewbacca figure, POTF2cinema
Poe Dameron figure, DisneyEliteSeriesDieCastBasic2017
Tie Fighter Pilot figure, StarWarsToyBoxVehicles
Captain Phasma figure, blackthree
Clone Trooper Sinker figure, TCWBattlepack
Darth Maul figure, Solo2pack
Cassian Andor figure, RogueOneNoneTraditional
C-3PO figure, OTCVintage
Weequay figure, TLCBattlepack
Todo 360 figure, TCWBattlepack
Captain Phasma figure, DisneyEliteSeriesDieCastMulti2016
Ugnaught figure, TLC2
Han Solo figure, MHBattlePack
Darth Maul figure, SAGACup
Lando Calrissian figure, bssixthree
Kylo Ren figure, bssixcenterpiece
Nippet figure, TLCBasic2008
Princess Leia Organa figure, TVCBasic
Clone Trooper figure, TLCPack-in2009
Princess Leia Organa figure, potjbasic
Mandalorian Warrior figure, TCWBattlepack
Kylo Ren figure, bssixthreeexclusive
Boba Fett figure, SAGASilver