Assault Battle Droid - The 30th Anniversary Collection - 2007

The battle for the galaxy! Star Wars: Battlefront II gathers together a galaxy of heroes, villains, droids, and vehicles for plenty of intense combat and epic battles. From the Clone Wars to the Galactic Civil Wars, Star Wars: Battlefront II gives you command of the action! The battle heats up with a powerful squadron of droids, each with special combat skills to support their forces with ferocious firepower and technological skill!

Under the control of the Separatists, Assault droids serve as a cheap yet effective solution to the fast-moving threat of Republic vehicles. Essentially mobile rocket launchers, these droids allow the Separatists to handle tough situations. They can be deployed anywhere, and their strength is in their great numbers and eerily automated discipline.

Assault Battle Droid Battlefront II Droid 7-Pack

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