Massiff - The 30th Anniversary Collection - 2007

Native lifeforms on Tatooine must adjust to the harsh desert conditions if they are to survive. The Tusken Raiders have carved a place for themselves in the barren Jundland Wastes, from which they emerge to raid colonist communities with deadly ferocity. To ride from place to place, they use banthas, a docile species that is easily trained and carries the fierce Tuskens swiftly through the desert.

Female Tusken Raiders tend to the camps, while the males are the hunters and fighters of their species. The females wear elaborate jeweled masks and carry their infants on their backs. To guard the camps, Tusken Raiders rely on domesticated massifs, which were probably brought to Tatooine from traders who traveled to Geonosis, the creature's homeworld.

Massiff Bantha With Tusken Raiders 5-Pack #1

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