New Sail Barge Info From Today's Google Hangout With Hasbro's Star Wars Team!

3/22/2018 Hasbro The Vintage Collection had the opportunity today to join a part of Hasbro's Star Wars team on a Google Hangout chat. Unfortunately we can't provide the audio or the video, but we have a summary of the conversation with new information about HasLab and Hasbro's Sail Barge below. The chat included Steve Evans (Design Director), Joe Ninivaggi (Marketing Director) and a man who doesn't need an introduction, Kenner/Hasbro design legend Mark Boudreaux! 

Google Hangout star Wars

Here is a summary of the chat: 

  • So far only ONE Haslab Star Wars project per year is planned (emphasis on Star Wars!)
  • This one project can be something big like the Sail Barge, or maybe just one single figure
  • HasLab projects can go anywhere, the team likes to think of it as an opportunity to bring crazy ideas to life
  • Other departments within Hasbro took notice of the HasLab Star Wars initiative and are interested in bringing HasLab to their property (Derryl DePriest was mentioned with G.I. Joe and maybe Transformers)
  • We could see HasLab projects for Hasbro's 6" line in the future
  • The Sail Barge was designed so that a figure could walk from the cockpit all the way to the back of the barge (and up/down) there are no doors, walls, obstacles in the way
  • The prison cell has a sliding door which reveals the Hammerhead skeleton
  • There is a trap door right above the prison cell so when a "bad guy" falls through he ends up in Jabba's jail
  • The Hammerhead skeleton is not meant to be an action figure, but it does consist of individually sculpted parts
  • The Hammerhead skeleton is held in place via pegs, the figure is not glued down
  • There are no pegs anywhere on the Barge for figures to stand on to preserve a realistic appearance
  • There are six locations where the deck cannons can be placed
  • The railing on the top of the barge was designed so that the cannon which came with the Legacy Collection Nikto Gunner can be attached
  • The big cannon on the rear of the Sail Barge, which Leia uses to blow it up, will be included with the vehicle
  • Jabba The Hutt is a repaint of the Toys'R'Us exclusive Jabba The Hutt figure which came with the Rancor in 2015 (hi-res photo gallery)
  • The barge has a metal, lived-in universe look on the outside, on the inside Jabba's cabin features wooden floors and details
  • Jabba's throne can be moved around
  • Jabba's cabin ceiling is higher on one side to accomodate taller figures such as Amanaman, Yak Face etc...
  • The microphone on Jabba's console can be pulled out, it's attached to a string (microphone cable) which will be long enough so that C-3PO can hold it and make his announcements
  • IF this project reaches 5,000 backers they will make a small number of Sail Barges available to fans internationally (no specific announcements yet)
  • The team clarified that the Yak Face figure will be included in the box in exclusive packaging (Kenner Power Of The Force), the figure itself will be available at regular retail as well but in regular packaging
  • The Sail Barge will not go into production unless it reaches 5,000 backers. Anything less it will not be produced

I'd like to say thank you to Kelsey at Litzky PR, Steve Evans, Joe Ninivaggi and Mark Boudreaux for their time and for including in this chat. 

You can back the biggest Star Wars vehicle ever created here:

Come back later today for exclusive images of the Sail Barge where you can see the details in some of the accessories!


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