What Did We Learn From The Hasbro Panel

7/21/2017 San Diego Comic Con The Vintage Collection

Hasbro held a panel during San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 21 2017 and here is what we learned from it: 

  • Force Friday II is coming on September 1st, 2017, but they want to keep it a surprise and not reveal too much about it
  • 4 exclusive pieces to the Landspeeder at SDCC (packaging, Luke has a finer soft-goods tunic, heavier deco on the vehicle and more details on the speeder)
  • SDCC Thrawn, all accessories except the blaster are exclusive to this set
  • The Death Star Diorama at SDCC was custom built over 4 months
  • The Black Series 6" Rebel Fleet Trooper will be released later in the year (removable helmet, vest, blaster)
  • The Black Series 6" Dewback will be released later in the year with a Sandtrooper riding it (the Dewback will have an articulated tongue)
  • The Black Series 6" Captain Rex will be released (removable helmet, they mapped Temuera Morrison's face onto the figure for incredible likeness, same price as before)
  • The Black Series 6" General Leia Organa will be released (removable jacket)
  • The Black Series 6" Maz Kanata will be released (comes with chest, you can open it, saber included and googles can be moved off and on Maz Kanata's eyes)
  • 3.75" 5POA Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit) will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Luke Skywalker (Hoth) with new Wampa will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Darth Vader with new Probe Droid will be released
  • 3.75" compatible The Force Awakens Rathtar will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Boba Fett and Han Solo (Bespin outfit) will be released (-> this was originally announced during Toy Fair New York)
  • 3.75" 5POA Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn 2-pack will be released (both figures will have articulated wrists)
  • 3.75" 5POA Emperor Palpatine will be released with exchangable hands and force lighting
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, super articulated figures, classic characters which have never been done before
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, re-issues will include hard to find figures from before (not just from TVC)
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection kicks off with #1 Rey (TFA), #2 Kylo Ren (TFA), #3 First Order Stormtrooper (TFA), #4 Dr. Aphra
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, Hoth Trooper will be re-released (no beard)
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Death Trooper will be rereleased
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection Assault Tank Driver will be released
  • 3.75" compatible The Vintage Collection Assault Tank, will fit 2 figures, classic vintage design, it will be the right size, super detailed, coffee cup inside, 2 seats inside, real working treads, carries a Kyber Crystal cargo which can be opened
  • Forces Of Destiny Padme Amidala 11" figure from Attack Of The Clones will be released (squeeze legs, arms will move up)


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