We Have A New Logo!

2/4/2017 JediBusiness.com

We have a new logo! When we went live with the site re-design last year we also went live with our main logo, which we will continue to use on the website and which you will still find on all the images we take of figures. However, there are cases when a long logo like the one we have on the website doesn't work as well (the Facebook profile pic for example is square), and so we asked the incredibly talented Jorge Baeza (if you are unfamiliar with his work, please have a look at his website and his art work) to help out yet again and create a new version of it. The center of the logo, which has two vintage Kenner lightsabers crossed, gives tribute to the original vintage toy line which started it all! Anyways, we hope you like the round version of the J.B. logo as much as we do!

JediBusiness.com Logo


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