May The 4th 2021 Star Wars Action Figure Announcements!

5/4/2021 May The 4th The Vintage Collection The Black Series

This morning Hasbro held a livestream on their Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel where they revealed new Star Wars action figures coming to Star Wars: The Vintage Collection and Star Wars: The Black Series, below is a summary. 

Star Wars The Retro Collection

The team first showed the Retro Collection Boba Fett (Prototype) figure which is a continuation from 2019 when they released a similar looking Darth Vader figure. Boba Fett will be exclusive to Target stores in the United States and pre-orders go live tomorrow, May 5th at 1pm EST on the Target website (Toys'R'Us in Canada). Just like with the previously released prototype Darth Vader figure, this Boba Fett will have different color combinations which are randomly assigned, no two colors repeat (only the blaster and the jetpack will have the same color). 

Retro Collection Boba Fett Prototype

Star Wars The Vintage Collection

Clone Trooper Echo will be released single carded, this figure is a re-release of the Hasbro Pulse Con exclusive 3-pack. The Offworld Jawa (Arvala-7) comes with new soft-goods robes, 3 weapons and an egg. This release has a different cardback image than the Jawa Leader which will be included with the Razor Crest vehicle (that figure also comes with different accessories such as a necklace, knife and a sliced egg). Both figures will be up for pre-order at most major retailers tomorrow at 1pm EST.

Ewok Teebo is coming to the Vintage Collection single carded, which checks off another original 96 figure. He comes with two alternate headdresses, a necklace, a horn, a club, a hammer and dagger with bandolier. This figure will be out later this year and pre-orders will go live at a later time (no carded images were shown during the livestream).

Vintage Collection ARC Trooper Echo and Offworld Jawa

Other reveals for The Vintage Collection (and featuring the Lucasfilm 50th logo on the packaging) included the Death Star Droid (unfortunately not vac-metallized), Luke Skywalker (Endor) (with permanently attached helmet -> really?!?) and the Tusken Raider. All three figures are exclusive to Walmart in the United States and pre-orders go live at 1pm EST on the Walmart website.

Vintage Collection Death Star Droid, Tusken Raider and Luke Skywalker Endor

The last bit of news for Star Wars: The Vintage Collection was the announcement that the Republic Trooper won the VOTE FROM THE VAULT poll and will be re-released with updated legal info on the packaging next Spring. Congratulations to everybody who voted for this figure.

Vintage Collection Republic Trooper

The Black Series

There are two more figures coming to the Gaming Greats line, the Flametrooper and the Nightbrother Warrior from the video game Jedi: Fallen Order. Both figures are exclusive to Gamestop and pre-orders will go live tomorrow at 1pm EST.

Black Series Flametrooper and Nightbrother Warrior

Omega, the girl from the Bad Batch tv series will be released in the Black Series 6" line next year. It was too early to show a prototype of the figure yet, but it is in development. Hasbro will release two more figures from the Bad Batch, one is the Imperial Clone Shock Trooper and the other is Vice Admiral Rampart. Both are exclusive to Walmart stores and pre-orders will go live tomorrow at 1pm EST.

Clone Shock Trooper and Vice Admiral Rampart

That's it for the May The 4th livestream from the Hasbro Star Wars team and new Star Wars action figure announcements! Thanks for stopping by!

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