Thank You Hasbro! Lucasfilm 50th, Prost!

5/3/2021 Lucasfilm The Vintage Collection The Black Series

2021 is Lucasfilm's 50th Anniversary, which is an incredible milestone with an unmatched depth of storytelling across movies, tv shows, video games and VR experiences, novels, comic books and real life experiences in theme parks. Here to help celebrate this amazing 50th anniversary is Hasbro with a variety of Star Wars action figures in the most beloved 3 3/4" action figure scale and the 6" Black Series. 

A big thank you to Hasbro for sending this amazing Lucasfilm 50th anniversary box out for free, which was filled with goodies from Rogue One, A New Hope, The Phantom Menace and Return Of The Jedi! Look for reviews and a database update in the coming days!

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Lucasfilm 50th

Lucasfilm 50th

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