Time For Tonnika

5/3/2021 A New Hope Tonnika Sisters The Vintage Collection

Victoria from Victoria's Cantina started a petition for Hasbro to make the over a decade-long requested Tonnika Sisters in the 3 3/4" Vintage Collection. You can learn more about this effort and support the initiative on Change.org, and make sure to use #TimeForTonnika on social media to raise awareness. 

An excerpt from the petition:

"It's #TimeForTonnika. For decades, fans have been asking Hasbro to produce 3.75" action figures of the Tonnika Sisters from the world-famous Cantina sequence in the original Star Wars. In 2017, they placed fourth in Hasbro's official Fan Choice poll for Star Wars The Vintage Collection. In the past, there have been legal hurdles preventing at least one of these figures from becoming a reality. But that has changed."

Learn more and sign the petition here.

Tonnika Sisters

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