A Look At Power Of The Force Full Photo Cards

3/1/2021 POTf2 The Power Of The Force 2

Hasbro changes the look of their Star Wars action figure packaging every few years to keep their action figure lines fresh, the latest packaging change happened just a few months ago back in August 2020 for the Black Series 6" line. During the mid to late 90's we saw several different approaches for the 3 3/4" Power Of The Force toy line where Hasbro changed the packaging from an orange/reddish color to green, and then switched it up with different pack-ins such as freeze frame slides, flashback pictures and even Commtech chips. In addition there were hologram picture variations for some orange and green cards during that time. 

One packaging change are the full size photo cards which were only released in Europe for a limited time between 1997/1998. The packaging was reminiscent of vintage Kenner cards with a large character photo next to the small blister. The figures themselves were identical to the regularly carded versions and they included the same accessories. So with those figures it's all about the packaging and the photo is printed onto the card and not a removable sticker.

Full Photo POTF2 Cards

The figures released include Admiral Ackbar, Governor Tarkin, the Emperor's Royal Guard, Weequay, Luke Skywalker (Bespin), Han Solo (Bespin), a  Wicket/Logray 2-pack, a Snowtrooper and the Endor Rebel Soldier. The hardest ones to track down are the Emperor's Royal Guard, the Ewok 2-pack and Snowtrooper. 

Those figures are a fun step back in time, especially when you can find figures which still have their original price stickers on them. In the case of the Bespin Luke Skywalker pictured here it still says DM on it (German Deutsche Mark), which of course was changed to Euros in 2002. 

potf2 luke skywalker

There were only a total of nine figures released, and even though those figures are rare, they are not necessarily expensive on the secondary market. Your best chance of adding them to your collection, besides networking with fellow collectors and attending toy shows/conventions, is to keep an eye out for them on Ebay Europe.

Thanks for reading, and have fun hunting for figures!

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