When Can We Buy Them, Hasbro? 10 TVC Figures From SOLO Which They Haven't Made Yet!

1/11/2021 When Can We Buy Them? The Vintage Collection SOLO: A Star Wars Story

Welcome to a new series here on J.B. which is called "When Can We Buy Them, Hasbro?". This post was published with the intention to raise awareness to the lack of main characters from Star Wars movies in Hasbro's 3 3/4" Vintage Collection. The first movie covered in the series is SOLO: A Star Wars Story, where Hasbro has only released five figures in the line since its theatrical debut in 2018. The figures released so far are: 

It's a bit of a headscratcher because Hasbro hasn't even released the main cast from the movie, which included of course Chewbacca. Below are 10 mock-ups of what characters Hasbro has yet to make from the movie in the collector focused 3 3/4" Vintage Collection.

Vintage Collection SOLO Figures Not Made Yet

Vintage Collection SOLO Figures Not Made Yet 2

Why those characters? Beckett, Val, L3, Lando, Qi'Ra and Chewbacca were part of the main crew. Han Solo in his Mimban Stormtrooper outfit and the Patrol Stormtrooper would make a great army builder figures, and of course we would need the bad guy from the movie, Dryden Voss. The Empire was battling the Mimbanese on Mimban, so releasing this particular alien over the others in the movie would make sense, right?

SOLO was filled with cool characters, especially aliens (the lodge/Sabacc table) and droids (Kessel), and the main characters changed their outfits several times throughout the movie. Who wouldn't want a Lando Calrissian in "Hawaii'an" shirt or a Beckett in "Lando" Skiff Guard outfit? There are plenty of characters which Hasbro hasn't made yet from the movie, but before we can dive into background aliens let's focus on the main cast. 

Stay tuned for more posts like this in the hopes to raise awareness to the lack of main characters from Star Wars movies in The Vintage Collection!

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