When Lucasfilm Gets Inspired By Kenner 37 Years Later

12/27/2020 The Mandalorian

In the latest episode of Disney's Gallery we got a behind-the-scenes look at the second season of the Mandalorian and it was revealed that the inspiration for Bib Fortuna's staff was the original Kenner Star Wars Bib Fortuna action figure from 1983. 

When Jon Favreau talks to Matthew Wood it is revealed that Bib Fortuna was never seen with a staff in Return of the Jedi, but the Kenner action figure came with one. Now after all those years Bib Fortuna can be seen on-screen again after the Mandalorian's second season end credits, and this time he actually has the staff with him. When you compare the images you can clearly see that the movie prop does look like the toy accessory. How fun is that? Roughly 37 years later after the Kenner Bib Fortuna figure was released we have Lucasfilm draw inspiration from that toy. Little details like that add even more fun to an already incredible first and second season of the Mandalorian. Well done Lucasfilm! 

Here is the Kenner Bib Fortuna database entry. 

Bib Fortuna staff


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