Lucasfilm To Celebrate 50th Anniversary in 2021

12/3/2020 Lucasfilm

We've gotten a glimpse at the official Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary logo through Hasbro's Black Series 6" archive line a month ago, but today Lucasfilm made an official announcement about its anniversary in 2021 on the official Star Wars website:

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of Lucasfilm. The celebration will kick off with commemorative, fan-favorite 50th anniversary Star Wars products. The launch starts in January and will continue throughout the year with special edition product releases.

“Consumer products have always been an integral part of the Star Wars fan experience, and they remain a constant force in pop-culture today,” says Paul Southern, Lucasfilm senior vice president, Licensing and Franchise. “To commemorate Lucasfilm’s 50 years of storytelling, we look forward to honoring this consumer products legacy and bringing to life brand-new products, games, and publishing offerings that celebrate our future with Lucasfilm’s exciting feature films and Disney+ series ahead.”

This is pretty exciting news, we already know that Hasbro will release the first wave of Black Series 6" archive figures with the Lucasfilm 50th logo on it (Han Solo (Hoth), Luke Skywalker (Hoth), Admiral Thrawn, Commander Cody), so the question is how deep will this line of Star Wars figures with the 50th logo on the packaging go and will Hasbro cross over into other Lucasfilm properties such as THX-1138, Willow or Indiana Jones? Check back here for more information once it becomes available.

For the full Lucasfilm announcement have a look at the official website.

Black Series Han Solo With Lucasfilm 50th Logo

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