Today's Hasbro Black Series And Vintage Collection Announcements

11/13/2020 The Black Series The Vintage Collection The Bad Batch

During a livestream on YouTube this morning Patrick and Eric from the Hasbro Star Wars team revealed new Black Series 6" and 3 3/4" Vintage Collection figures for Spring 2021. None of the revealed figures are exclusives and will be easy to pre-order. They'll be available for pre-order today at 1pm EST at different online stores, including Entertainment Earth

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Star Wars The Vintage Collection

At first the team acknowledged the massively successful Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest HasLab campaign, but unfortunately they didn't announce any bonus tiers (this wasn't expected, but would have been a nice to have after reaching almost 29k backers). The team then revealed the Vintage Collection Zutton figure, which is a repaint of the TVC 3-pack Zutton figure, but it'll be the first time single carded. 

TVC Zutton

They also mentioned that they'll chip away on getting the original 96 Kenner figures updated and into the line over the years. There will be more TVC reveals in the coming weeks and months. Hasbro heard the complaints about the up-coming TVC Captain Rex figure and future releases of Rex will be updated. 

A somewhat strange announcement was the adjustment of the card art for the up-coming TVC Return Of The Jedi Boba Fett figure. They've adjusted the name pill and zoomed the image out further to match the original Kenner Boba Fett card art better. They've already produced several thousand of this figure which will make it out to retail, the corrected version will be available in later shipments. 

This is truly a strange change because NONE of the Vintage Collection cards are 1:1 copies of the original Kenner figures. TVC has the Kenner logo in a slightly different spot, there are different age requirements printed on and there is a big warning label on the top right of the card. On top of that Hasbro has been using H U G E bubbles for the figures which obscure the card art and take up in some cases more than half of the entire front of the card. It's unclear to what comments they reacted to which prompted this change, but whoever complaint about this needs to take another look at the entirety of the Vintage Collection.

Star Wars The Black Series

The Black Series Asajj Ventress figure was announced. The designers at Habro have been working hard to get the head-tattoos right. For this figure they treated the soft-goods differently which now has a shimmer to it, an almost metallic look (does that make it more accurate to the show?). Asajj will come with her two lightsabers where the hilts can be combined to make a double-bladed one. The blades are removable from the hilts and the hilts can be hung from hooks on her belt.

Black Series Asajj Ventress

Hunter from episodes 1 - 4 from season 7 of the Clone Wars cartoon is coming to the Black Series 6" line. Just like all TBS figures, they are realistic interpretations of the characters. Hunter will come with a removable helmet, a blaster and a blaster pistol. He'll also have a knife on his forearm which can be pulled out.

Black Series Bad Batch Hunter

Another awesome figure announced for The Black Series is Crosshair which could also be seen in episodes 1 - 4 in season 7 of the Clone Wars cartoon. The figure will have a removable helmet and it comes with a break-apart blaster rifle which can be stored inside the included backpack.

Black Series Crosshair


That's it, four great announcements, one for TVC and three for TBS along with the acknowledgement of the massively successful Razor Crest HasLab campain. This livestream was a nice and short update to keep fellow Star Wars action figure collectors in the know. 

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