A Summary Of This Morning's HasLab Razor Crest Livestream

10/9/2020 HasLab Razor Crest The Vintage Collection

Patrick and Chris from the Hasbro Star Wars team held a livestream this morning on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel to give fans a first look at the physical model of the Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Razor Crest and to clarify a few more details. The majority of the livestream was about showing the removable panels on the vehicle and the details worked into the hull and the cargo hold, which was very impressive.

The Vintage Collection The Child figure, which will be exclusively available with the Razor Crest, will have a unqiue head, hand with knob and cardback. It will also come with a pram which will be vac metallized (are you still sitting or did you fall off your chair reading this?!) They will do other Child figures in the Vintage Collection as well, but those features will be unique to the figure exclusively available with the Razor Crest.

The team explained that they wanted to have a removable Escape Pod to be tier 1 so that they could get the chance to make it its own removable unit, because it was originally molded into the vehicle. They showed how the Escape Pod can be removed from the Razor Crest and the complexity of the details worked into it. 

It's been only two weeks but the HasLab Razor Crest campaign has been so successful that they are working on tier 3 which will be revealed early next week. Even though they didn't say what tier 3 was going to be, they teased carbonite blocks by showing off the hooks which are built into the ceiling of the cargo hold. Those hooks let you hang carbonite blocks from and then you can move them around inside the cargo hold. 

In Fall 2021 when the Razor Crest ships to homes they will re-release the Vintage Collection Mandalorian, Cara Dune and the Remnant Stormtrooper to regular retail again so if you haven't been able to buy them yet you'll get another chance at adding them to the collection (you can also pre-order them through Entertainment Earth btw). 

All in all the HasLab Razor Crest looks amazing already, if you want to back it you have until November 9th to do so on HasbroPulse.com.

Hasbro Star Wars Livestream

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